Shareholders Register

All the records regarding SIF Muntenia’s shareholders, including the number of SIF4 shares owned by them and the history of the transactions done with this shares can be found at DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL SA.

SIF Muntenia’s shareholders must contact DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL SA for the following services:

  • changes regarding ID data of the sharehoders (name change after marriage, address and so on);
  • inherited shares
  • out of the market shares transfer (donations between relatives)
  • account statements regarding the number of shares owned or regarding transaction history

The above mentioned request can be sent also by mail at the following  address  DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL SA Bucuresti, Bulevardul Carol I, nr. 34-36, sector 2, cod postal 020922.

For more information please do not hesitate to visit the DEPOZITARUL CENTRAL site at the following address: