SIF Muntenia’s Portfolio

Assets managed at 31 July 2019

Shares in SIF4 portfolio 31 July 2019

BranchNumberValue (lei)
Financial, banking and insurance13531,318,429.4300
Agriculture, stock breeding, fishing1066,884,218.0700
Celullose, paper & cardboard13,664,300.3100
Research and education1239,096,470.6700
Trade and leisure industry2279,099,287.4600
Food, beverage & tabacco 3596,700.0000
Chemical, petrochemical and pharma industry7175,947,693.8700
Mining and raw matterials448,092,801.8600
Construction and development industry1384,400,829.2900
Steelworks, metallic constructions and machinery2162,900,985.4600
Steel works32,434,668.0800
Transport, storage, communication)1520,163.4000
Real estate, rental and other services12113,658,027.5500
Utilities (electricity, industrial heating, water, gas)351,511,734.7000
Other services333,561,852.0000
Other industries10.0000
TOTAL 135 1,294,027,938.1800

Shares in SIF4 portfoliu - breakdown on stake %

Fixed income financial instruments in SIF4 portolio at 31 July 2019