Investment Objectives

SIF Muntenia is a Closed-end Fund with an investment policy based on diversification.

In its mission statement,  SIF Muntenia defined itself as  “a balanced fund” that will try to ensure for its shareholders both capital gain and revenue (dividends).

SIF Muntenia is investing in financial instruments as following:

  • newly issued financial instruments (shares on IPOs, corporate or municipal bonds).
  • financial instruments listed on regulated  markets (shares traded on local and foreign stock exchanges or alternative trading systems) or unlisted shares in commercial companies.
  • T bills on the secondary market created by local banks and supervised by the National Bank.
  • other financial instruments allowed by current regulations such as units issued by UCITS, non-UCITS, AIF or by other local listed or unlisted Funds and other structured products.

SIF Muntenia is not investing in derivatives.


Here are some other important objectives of SIF Muntenia:

  • Further restructure of inherited portfolio (companies allocated for SIF Muntenia according to the law that enacted the establish of this Fund)
  • Efficient portfolio management in order to ensure sustainable growth
  • Further investment analysis in order to identify investment opportunities on the local capital market.