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SIF Muntenia (SIF4) is a closed end fund listed on Bucharest Stock Exchange. It has more than 5 million shareholders and a free-float close to 100%

SIF Muntenia has a portfolio of financial assets that worth more than 350 million EUR which consists of stakes in more than 120 Romanian commercial companies, investment units in other Romanian UCITS, corporate bonds, bank deposits and other types of investment instruments issued by Romanian or foreign companies.

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Pricing history for SIF4 shares

Date: 21.01.2022

The values below are closing prices for the previous trading date. The prices are only for information purpose and are not intended to be used for investment decisions.

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Closing price
1.6250 (lei)
Low price
1.5650 (lei)
High price
1.6600 (lei)
2.8500 (%)
Total volume
121,773 (shares)
Market cap.
1,275,048,451.6300 (lei)

Changes in SAI Muntenia Invest’s Executive Management

SAI Muntenia Invest SA, the Investment Manager of SIF Muntenia SA, informs that on 03.02.2021 it was agreed the extension of the notice period regarding the termination of the individual employment contract of Mr. Mircea Constantin, Strategy Manager, until 25.02.2021.

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Financial Calendar of SIF MUNTENIA SA for 2021 (updated)

In accordance with the legal provisions, the Financial Calendar of SIF MUNTENIA SA for 2021, updated following the decision on the convening of SIF MUNTENIA SA Shareholders General Ordinary Meeting for 28/29.04.2021: 1 General Meeting of Shareholders for the approval of the annual financial statements for 2020 April 28/29, 2021 April 28/29, 2021 2 Presentation […]

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